About Me

I've been programming since I was a child; working professionally for the past four years. I have an unwieldy passion for technology and I love building systems that really push my abilities to their limits. I currently work for a small consulting firm spending my days working with clients from the health care industry, environmental research groups, and the forestry industry. Outside of my work, I publish open source tools and compete in online coding competitions.

Outside of programming my hobbies include photography, filmmaking, making stupid jokes on twitter, and coming up with outlandish halloween costumes.

Contact Details

Mitchell Bösecke
Edmonton, AB Canada


University of Alberta

BSc. Specialization in Computing Science April 2011

During my university career I strived to study as many aspects of computer science that I could. This includes compiler design, advanced algorithms, intelligent systems, mobile robotics, computer networks, operating system concepts, database management systems, multimedia technology, software engineering, and product management.



Software Developer February 2012 - Present

Lead developer of a Java based web application for the leading clinical trial administration organization in Alberta. A very large scoped project with thousands of users, highly sensitive data, complex processes and detailed analytics/reports.

Developed an android data collection application for stream crossing inspections as well as an associated web application to map out the crossings and analyze stream and watershed health in Alberta. This is a multistakeholder initiative involving research groups, forest companies, and energy companies; I work directly with the clients to ensure a reasonable scope of requirements including environmental monitoring and bridge safety.

Greybox Inc.

Software Developer February 2011 - February 2012

Greybox was a niche social network; using an in-house built PHP framework. With only a small team of developers, I was involved in every aspect of development including system architecture, implementation, security, server administration, scaling, and testing.

University of Alberta

Jr. Programmer / Systems Analyst Summer of 2010

While studying at the University I worked part-time updating an online course registration system written in PHP.



Java Template Engine

Pebble is a highly concurrent, Twig-inspired, open source Java template engine that I've been working on since 2012. It now receives more than 1000 downloads per month, is used by organizations from around the globe, and has received offers of company sponsorship. A lot of effort has been put in place to make it one of the fastest template engines in the world.


A.I. Poker Bot

BlindMan is a poker playing bot that I developed to compete in online competitions. It is written in python and was inspired by some of the academic work done at the poker research group at the University of Alberta. It is designed to make decisions in tight time constraints, and uses Bayesian methods of opponent modelling to come up with informed and exploitive strategies.