Do you want to have a personalized art album to save your precious memories? Gentlemen, photos taken once are printed and must be collected somewhere! Photo albums or rather photo albums are accessories we cannot do without them: there are good albums on the market, and for every taste, but homemade albums are another story! So what is a photo album? Let’s say that? Photo album? change photo album? because in the general use of terms, the dominant function of the image is integrated into the definition of a simple aggregator. These are objects and places. It was created as an iconic and reliable memory space for producers. So the photo is the essence of its functional role. To store, collect, and organize our memories, this place will be made with simple and inexpensive materials such as paper, and the outer covering will be something truly unique.

To get started, you need to prepare an album cover, which is basically a support structure that forms the basis of all work. We need thick cartons in A4 format for this process. The cover must also be applied to the carton. Maybe you can choose various beautiful patterns in gold or silver. Simply make a trace with a pencil and examine it with crayons. Varnish must be plastic after drying. But first, we only make collector ribbons, which are a piece of cardboard up to 2-3 cm. To make everything solid, it’s better to combine two A4 sheets with cloth tape and paint the inside with black or dark blue. With this solution, the pages look better than bright colors on the cover. But no one forbids the selection of bright colors. The important thing is not to let the carton open. If desired, we can also paste parchment paper so that the results are more elegant.


Working Hours





The structure must be made of plastic to make it sturdy and durable. This procedure ensures that the cover is very wear-resistant. Plastic adhesive sheets can be used for lamination. We need a little patience for this, because we have to avoid leaving air bubbles. You can help yourself with a ruler to get rid of the air while stretching the plastic. If you have a laminate press that you can use, just use it. There is no need to laminate parts of the album, but the cover must also be carefully protected if possible. Continue using the canvas ribbon to make bellows to hold the page apart from the album. The edges of the canvas are large enough to sew a page. The pages of the album must be made with sheets of cardboard Bristol following a simple criterion. Usually you choose dark colored sheets like black or at least the dark blue because the photos stand out better, but as already mentioned there is no mandatory rule. The photo should be placed in the middle of the page, but with a little imagination you can place it a little where we prefer.